JET EmailsEdit

Please ensure that the PAs and AJET have an up-to-date email address for you. Lots of information about upcoming events in Ishikawa will be sent out in this way.

Ishikawa JET Timelines 2015Edit

Group A Arrival (in Ishikawa)

Date: Wednesday July 29th

Group B Arrival (in Ishikawa)

Date: Wednesday August 5th

Ishikawa Orientation

Date: Thursday and Friday August 13th-14th

Location: Ishikawa Prefectural Office

Debate Competition

Date: Wednesday August 19th

Location: Kanazawa Bunkyo Kaikan

Skills Development Conference (new ALTs only)

Date: Wednesday August 26th (afternoon)

Location: Ishikawa Education Centre

Skills Development Conference (all ALTs and JTEs)

Date: Friday October 2nd (whole day)

Skills Development Conference (all ALTs)

Date: Friday November 13th (afternoon)