Here are some recommendations for items that current and former JETs just couldn't live without:

  • Plug-in Mosquito Killers

Buy these at most drug stores and supermarkets. Many look like small white, rounded cones with cables. Plug them in and the liquid inside is heated, effectively killing all mosquitos in the vicinity and giving you a good night's sleep.

  • Zou-san (ぞうさん)

Dehumidifier box for small enclosed spaces. Prevents mold on clothes and food. Can be found in most drug stores and many supermarkets.

  • Nylon Drain Nets' '(gomi-tori-netto ごみとりネット or mizu-kiri-netto 水切りネット)

Keep food waste out of your drain and stenches from your nose. Sold in bags of 50 or so. Very cheap and very worth it. They can be disposed of in Burnable garbage.

  • Dani-ahsu (ダニアース)

An aerosol tatami-bug killer with a spike to help get it into the middle of your mats. Dani are vicious people biters that are tiny but pack a big punch. If you wake up in the morning with small, itchy red bites you probably have a dani problem. Shove into 6 points in each tatami and spray for 20-30 seconds. Completely scentless and very effective. Can be found at drug stores and house stores.

  • Drain/Pipe Cleaner (paipu kuriina パイプクリーナー)

If your drains smell like a garbage disposal every time you run water or you have clogs, this is for you. Drop it down

the pipe, add water, let it sit for 20 minutes, and rinse. Comes in liquid, powder, or pill form.

  • Futon Clips (futon basami - ふとんばさみ)

Prevent your futon from falling out the window while airing it by buying a set of these handy futon clips. Easily found in 100Y stores.

  • Dehumidifier (joshitsuki - 除湿器 – じょしつき)

The only way to dry your clothes in less than a week during the winter, and a good way to keep down the humidity in the summer. Are very expensive, buy from a leaving JET/used if you can.