Friday 4th June, From 7pm - Lantern Floating in Higashichaya, Kanazawa.

As part of the Hyakumangoku Festival the lanterns will start their trip down the river at 7pm. Ishikawa JETs will be meeting the same place as last year - if you're looking upstream from the road - right-hand bank, immediately downstream of the second bridge.

Saturday and Sunday June 5-6 (Sat., Sun): 14th Annual Yosaoi Taisai, Wakura Onsen

See the Ishikawa JET's Blog for details.

Saturday 5th June, 15.30-18.30 - Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival, Kanazawa

The parade will begin at Kanazawa Station from 15.30. Watch the procession make its way to Kanazawa Castle and enjoy the school brass bands, traditional dancers and cultural displays. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces in the parade!

Monday 7th June, 4pm - Ishikawa Summer Orientation Planning Meeting, Rifare, Kanazawa

A meeting for all Ishikawa Summer Orientation presenters to plan the content of this year's Orientation.

Saturday 12th June, 1.30 - 3.00pm - Inamien Orphanage Visit #3, Kaga

We have an abundance of volunteers for our 3rd visit to the Orphanage in Kaga. Thank you to everyone who's volunteered to come along. Anyone who hasn't got a space yet but is interested - we'll keep you posted on our next visit.

Saturday 12th June, 1.30 - 3.30pm - Uchinada International Salon

Come along to Uchinada Culture Hall to meet and chat to Japanese people and foreigners living in Ishikawa. Contact Jeff (CIR) for more information.

Saturday 12th June, Daishoji Monitor Tour #3

See the Ishikawa JETs Blogfor details.

Saturday 12th June, 11pm - late, USA Vs. England, APRE, Kanazawa

Watch this exciting World Cup game at APRE and cheer on your favourite / least despised team!

Saturday 19th June, 1 - 4.30pm, Ishikawa AJET Scavenger Hunt, Kanazawa

Race across Kanazawa with cameras and scoresheets in the first Annual Ishikawa AJET Scavenger Hunt! Excellent prizes to be won!

Saturday 26th June, 7pm - late, Ishikawa AJET SobetsuPROM 2010

Come and bid farewell to all the JETs leaving us this year at Fusion 21 in the 21st Century Museum of Art, followed by APRE afterparty. Contact Ishikawa Ajet for details on tickets.