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Religion, while not overtly notable in individual members of the community, is considered a way of life not just a faith.

There are places of worship within the Ishikawa Community, both JET and non-JET.


We will expand this section shortly with the more notable locations and traditions.

Many of your co-workers may also act as priests for family-run temples. They can be the great source for learning about very localized Buddhist locations and traditions.

Daijoji TempleEdit

Sect: Soto

Fee: Free

4:30 to 6:30 am every day (Visitors can observe a Buddhist memorial service after an hour's Zen meditation) 1:30 to 4 pm on Sunday (Visitors can listen to a minister's message after one and a half hours' Zen meditation

Overnight stays available. Costs around 7000yen for a regular stay. For stays durning lecture periods. 3000yen plus futon fees.

Address: Nagasaka-machi Ru 10, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 〒921-8114

東香山 大乘寺(とうこうざん だいじょうじ) 〒921-8114 石川県金沢市長坂町ル-10

Phone: +81-(0)76-241-2680

Fax: 241-2330

Access: By Car, Taxi or a bus to Heiwa-machi


There are a large number of Christian churches in Ishikawa, most of whom have small congregations. A few churches have English services, English-speaking missionaries, or English speaking pastors. Some of the churches are listed below. For information about other churches, ask around and check the Yellow Pages. There are Mormon congregations throughout Ishikawa - most information is in Japanese but they do have some English leaflets. Note: for those not used to Japanese accents, "Kiri-suto" is "Christ."


Hakui Catholic Church (0767-22-3354)‎ Hakui-shi Chirihamamachi I 30-4 [石川県羽咋市千里浜町イ30−4]

Like other Catholic churches in the area, Hakui church is served by Italian priests. Sunday Mass service held.

Holy Spirit Church (0767-42-0553) Hakui-gun Shigachou Togi Tomikujitouma 4-185 [石川県羽咋郡志賀町富来地頭町4−185] Small, charismatic church with a congregation of about 35. Sunday Service - 10:00am

Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan Hakui Kyokai (0767-22-3136) Hakui-shi Honmachi Ko 118 [石川県羽咋市本町コ118] Sunday service held.

Hakui Seisho Kyokai Hakui Bible Church Hakui-shi, Higashikawara-mach, Chi 39banchi, 14




Service led by Pastor Kajiyama who has a little English.  There is an English speaking Japanese who also attends the church. (map on website)


Kaga Chuo Kirisuto Kyokai (0761-72-3227) Kaga-shi Nangouchou 51-10 [石川県加賀市南郷町51−10]

Sunday service - 10:45am.


Hirosaka Catholic Church (076-231-4380) Kanazawa-shi Hirosaka 1-1-54 [石川県金沢市広坂1-1-54] The church is tucked in an alley to the right of Kanzawa City Hall. It has a large cross and Christ in front. Some of the priests speak English. There is an English Mass on the fourth Saturday of every month at 3:00pm. The other masses are in Japanese but there are books with Mass in hiragana, romaji and English so it's easy to participate. Sunday Masses are held at 9:30am and 6:00pm.

Seventh-day Adventist, Kanazawa Church (Tel & Fax: 076-242-2507), "6-199-3 Nishizumi, Kanazawa-shi Ishikawa-ken. It is a small church family with services held in Japanese, special Japanese to English services can be prepared with early notice of attendance to worship.

Sabbath School 9:30-10:40; Divine Service: 11:00-12:00; Bible Study: 1:30-2:30

Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan Kanazawa Kyokai (076-221-5396 /63-3951) Kanazawa-shi Kakikihata 5-2 [石川県金沢市柿木畠5−2] Sunday service held.


Catholic Church (0761-21-6687) Komatsu-shi Hamadamachi Ro 42-1 [石川県小松市浜田町ロ42−1]

Father Pietro speaks a little English. Sunday Mass - 10:45am

Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan Komatsu Kyokai (0761-24-0493) Komatsu-shi Honmachi 3-13-3 [石川県小松市本町3-13−3] Friendly congregation of about 40 (including a number of English-speakers). Sunday service - 10:15am


Catholic Church (0767-52-0710) Nanao-shi Minamifujihashimachi Kobu 58 [石川県七尾市南藤橋町子58]

Sunday Mass - 9:30am

Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan Nanao Kyokai (0767-53-6659) Nanao-shi Umadashimachi 75-20 [石川県七尾市馬出町75−20] Sunday Service - 10:30am

Nanao Seisho Kyokai Nanao Bible Church (0767-52-1009) 七尾市大和町チ部18-1 nanao-shi, Yamato-machi, Chi-bu 18-1

Services led by Pastor Nagai in Japanese at 10am. Lunch follows the service (map on home page)


Tatsunokuchi Presbyterian Church (0761-51-5676) Nomi-shi Midorigaoka 8-129 [石川県能美市緑が丘8-129] Pastor Fujita and his wife speak English and Mrs. Fujita will provide translations if required. Sunday Service - 10:30am


Suzu Christian Center (0768-82-6151) Hasn’t been visited by JETs in recent years. May be more welcoming to regular visitors than occassionals.

Sunday Service - 10:20am


Noto-machi Bible Church (0768-62-2875) [石川県鳳至郡能都町宇出津山分イ30]

Sunday Service - 10:00am. The pastor and his family are missionaries from Canada.  Lunch follows the service.


Wajima Catholic Church (Umi no Hoshi) (0768-22-2087) Wajima-shi Kawaimachi 13-bu 29-4 [石川県輪島市河井町13-29-4]

Father Fernando Giuliano Sberze is fluent in Italian, English and Japanese. Even if you’re not Catholic or Christian, do visit Fr Guiliano. He enjoys spending time with the JETs and after 30 years of living in Wajima he is likely to be able to give good advice and help you out. Mass is said in Japanese or English depending on the congregation present. Sunday Mass - 10:00am


Fukui-shi English Fellowship International/inter-denominational services in English. Sunday 4:30pm. Communion service every fourth Saturday at 3:30pm (before the regular 4:30pm one). Takes about 90 minutes by local trains from Kanazawa but several Ishikawa JETs go there.


There are no mosques in Ishikawa prefecture and very few Muslims. Since there are a fair number of foreign students from Islamic countries, you may be able to make contact with them through the Ishikawa Foreign Students Association.


There are no synagogues in Ishikawa although there is one in Kobe and one in Tokyo.


Like the Buddhist temples, your co-workers may act as priests from time to time. We'll be expanding this section throughout construction to help guide you to the best places in Ishikawa.