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Japanese for RestaurantsEdit

Making a ReservatioEdit

I’d like to make a reservation.

Yoyaku o shitain desu kedo.


For what time?

Nan ji ga yoroshii desu ka?


For how many people?

Nan-mei-sama desu ka?       


Two people. Futari.   二人。
Three people.

San-nin   三人。

What’s your name?

Onamae wa nan desu ka?


On ArrivalEdit

How many in your party?

Nan-mei-sama desu ka? 何名様ですか

One person.

Hitori desu. 一人です。

Two people.

Futari desu. 二人です。

Three people.

Sanin desu. 三人です。

Do you want a smoking table?

Kitsuenseki ni shimashou? 喫煙席にしましょう?

Do you want a non-smoking table?

Kinenseki ni shimashou? 禁煙席にしましょう?

Non-smoking, please.

Kinenseki de onegai shimasu. 禁煙席でお願いします


Do you want to eat here?  

Kochira de meshi agarimasu ka? こちらで召し上がりますか?

Do you want to take away? 

Omochi kaeri desu ka? お持ち帰りですか?

I want to eat here.

Koko de tabemasu. ここで食べます。

I want to take away.

Motte kaerimasu.   持って帰ります。

Please wait a minute.   

(Could we have more time, please?)     

Chotto matte kudasai.  ちょっと待って下さい。

Excuse me! (Come here, please!)**

Sumimasen! すみません!

Please give me X.

X wo kudasai.   X を下さい。

A glass of water, please.

O-mizu wo kudasai.    お水を下さい。

I’ll have X and Y.

X to Y wo kudasai.    X と Yを下さい。

How much is this?

Kore wa ikura desu ka? これはいくらですか。

What do you recommend?

O-susume wa nan desu ka?    お勧めは何ですか。

Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

Niku mo sakana mo haitte inani ryouri ga arimasu ka?    肉も魚も入っていない料理がありますか。

Does this dish have X in it?

Kore wa X ni haitte imasu ka.    これはXに入っていますか。

I am allergic to X.

X ni arerugi ga arimasu.    Xにアレルギーがあります。

I can’t eat X

X ga taberare masen.    Xが食べられません。

    • Waiters and waitresses typically only come if called. To call a waiter/waitress over to make an order, etc., yell “Sumimasen!” すみません! (Excuse me…)


Could we have the check, please?

Okanjou o onegai shimasu. お勘定をお願いします。

Could we pay separately?

Betsu betsu ni onegaishimasu. 別々にお願いします。

Could we pay together?

Issho ni haraimasu. 一緒に払います。

I ordered this and that.

(Literally, “I’ll pay for X and Y”)

X to Y o haraimasu. XとYを払います。

This phrase means “It was a feast.” Said after meals; at a restaurant, say this to the master, sushi chef, maitre d’, the person you are paying, etc.

Gochisousama deshita. ごちそうさまでした。

Remember, no tipping!

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