The following page is a collection of information and resources to provide support to those who believe they have been a victim of crime while in Japan. This includes the basic procedures for lodging a police report, as well as contact information for emergency services and counseling.

If you believe that you have been the victim of a crime and would like to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to contact the JETLine (03-5213-1729) or one of your PAs to seek more confidential advice.

Reporting a crime:Edit

Ishikawa Police Help LineEditEdit

Foreign language support for reporting incidents in Ishikawa.
9am-5pm, weekdays. 076-225-0555

Female-only Police Help LineEditEdit

This is a special police line in Ishikawa for female victims of crime who want to speak to a female receptionist and have their case handled by female officers. English support may be limited to what the receptionist and officer know. 076-225-0281

Ishikawa has also created an English PDF that provides extra information and hotlines for different support networks: To Victims of Crime

Support and Legal ProceedingsEdit

There are a number of resources available to you if you feel as though you need support during this time period.

If you would like a detailed guide for the process of lodging a report, the Ministry of Japan has provided a detailed guide in English: Ministry of Japan - For Victims of Crime

They have also provided a general timeline for the proceedings and the types of support available to you: Victim Support through filing a formal charge

It should be noted that in most cases a formal complaint must be lodged within 6 months of the incident. However, in cases of Sexual Assault it is still possible to file a formal charge up until the Statute of Limitations has passed (10 years for Rape, 7 years for Indecent Assault).

Consular SupportEdit

Most Embassies also contain a wealth of resources for legal support and emergency contact listings on their websites.

US: Emergency Services Website - 03-3224-5000
The US Embassy has also provided a PDF on victim's rights and police proceedings in Japan: Help for American Victims of Crime In Japan

AU: Emergency Services Website - 03-5232-4101

NZ: Emergency Services Website-  03-3467-2271

CA: Emergency Services Website - 03-944-1310

IE: Emergency Services Website- 03-3263 0695


PAs are also able to offer support and contact information for English speaking professionals in the counseling community. There are a number of resources available for JETs seeking further counseling or support:

The JET Line: 03-3591-5489. Based at CLAIR offices in Tokyo. Available weekdays 9am-5:45pm.

AJET Peer Support Group: 050-5534-5566. 8pm-8am, 365 days a year! An open ear for all JETs.

TELL Lifeline : 03-5774-0992. 9am-11pm daily. Free, anonymous telephone counseling and support across Japan.

TELL Counseling : By appointment only. TELL Counseling is the only professional psychotherapy and counseling center in Japan staffed by licensed professionals